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Yamis loves Hikaris

~*Dark and Light*~

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Hi! And welcome to Partnershipping! A place were you could express your undying love for Yu-Gi-Oh!’s shounen-ai yamixhikari and dragonxpuppy pairings.
Feel free to post anything you want, though there may be some limits. Insulting another member would be one. And pairing any of them up with a girl, especially Anzu, would be prohibited.

Pairings allowed:
Yami Yugi x Yugi
Yami Bakura x Ryou
Yami Marik x Malik
Kaiba x Jounouchi
Honda x Otogi

· -Images, stories etc. must be placed behind an LJ cut
· -No insulting of other members
· -Only related topics should be posted. (You can’t post a pokemon fanfic on a Yu-gi-oh community now, can you? ~_^;;)
· -Post behind an LJ cut, particularly images and fanfics, must be properly rated if Worksafe or Not Worksafe